Weed Free Yard – Step 3

Use ferti-lome Green Maker to feed your yard for up to 90 days

Step 3 to a beautiful weed-free yard is to use ferti-lome Green Maker to fertilize for your first of 3 applications during the season.  It is specifically designed for alkaline soils like we have in North Texas and offers slow-release benefits to feed for up to 90 days.  This will help eliminate unhealthy surge growth and the added iron offers quick green-up.

Apply with a broadcast spreader, generally just under half open, but check the instructions.  One bag will cover 7,200 square feet. If you get some on your concrete areas you’ll want to sweep it off so it doesn’t stain.  After you’ve spread it, water it in.  Lush, healthy grass will help keep weeds at bay!


More info at ferti-lome’s website

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D&L Nursery News – January, 2017

10425402_10155129654330113_5460430417246986516_nTime to plant onions!

To prep your soil before planting add organic matter such as cotton burr compost, bark mulch, chicken manure and peat moss.  This will help sandy soil retain moisture and nutrients, and help loosen tight clay soils. Plant onion bulbs 1” to 2” deep and about 4″ apart.  Water thoroughly every week, and fertilize every 3 weeks. The traditional time to plant potatoes in our area is Valentines day.  Cut your seed potatoes into chunks, ideally keeping 2 eyes on each piece and dust lightly with Hi Yield dusting sulfur to help prevent rot after planting.  It is good to wait a couple of days after cutting into chunks and then plant them about 6″ deep with the eyes pointing up.

Winter Pruning

Now is a great time to prune Crepe Myrtles and other summer flowering shrubs and vines. Never ‘top’ crepe myrtles, which means cutting off over half of the plant.  It does not improve their flower and it ruins their natural form forever. To prune a Crepe Myrtle correctly remove the old seed pods and the suckers that come from the base of the trunk.  Reshape evergreen shrubs when needed and remove damage.  Remove strongly vertical shoots to encourage horizontal branching on fruit trees

Insect Control

Hollies, Euonymus, Crepe Myrtles, Camellias, Oaks, Pecans and other fruit trees are all susceptible to scale insects.  Apply dormant spray to control the over wintering insects and to prevent disease infection. Dormant spray suffocates insects and eggs of pests in your tree before the pest wake from their winter sleep.


Feeding Time

This is a good time to apply Blood Meal every 2-3 weeks during warm spells to your Pansies and other plants where luxuriant top growth and deep green foliage is desired.


Other Things to Domicrolife organic fertilizer

  • Be ready for cold weather extremes.  Frost cloth offers 4-8 degrees of protection. It also keeps blustery winds off your plants.
  • Water during dry spells.  Cold damage is more severe for plants that are allowed to become too dry.
  • Digging and relocating trees and shrubs must be done during winter dormant season. Dig with ball of soil intact and replant at the original depth.
  • It’s time to prep your soil for Spring!  Apply Microlife Humates Plus to help loosen clay soil, improve sandy soil and build a bigger root system in your plant.