Now Is The Time To Start Your Feed-Thru Fly Control

ClariFly® Larvicide is a feed additive using an active ingredient that passes through the digestive system of horses and is expelled in their manure. The active ingredient remains in manure, where flies breed, and disrupts the maturation process to prevent the emergence of adult house flies and stable flies.

While in season, allow ClariFly® Larvicide to break the fly life cycle
(21 days) and add one of the following:

  • Knock down adult flies with spray products that are
    approved for target animals.
  • Use scatter baits, traps and QuikStrike® Strips to
    control migrating flies.

You want your horses to be as comfortable and healthy as possible. Don’t let them get stressed or bitten repeatedly from fly infestations. Add ClariFly® Larvicide to your IPM program today to help improve your horses’ quality of life and your barn environment.

equine feed through fly control