St. Augustine Sod has arrived and is now available at the Aubrey store

St. Augustinegrass is medium to dark green and coarse textured, and it has a low, dense growth habit. It grows well in nearly all soil types and tolerates shade, heat, salt and, to some degree, drought. It does not tolerate waterlogged soils or extended periods of cold weather. St. Augustinegrass is an aggressive species that spreads rapidly by above-ground growth structures called stolons. If managed properly, St. Augustinegrass forms a dense cover that handles light traffic and competes well with most weeds. St. Augustinegrass is the most shade tolerant warm-season turfgrass.

St. Augustine sod is now available for the season at our Nursery at the Aubrey store (map it).  It is $2.49 per piece, $262.99 per pallet.

st. augustine sod

Reference: Texas AgriLife Extension