It’s baby chick season! Each D&L store offers a unique variety of pullets and straight run chicks throughout the year. The lists below will give you an idea of when particular breeds may be available at the Gainesville store. We also hatch a large variety of breeds at several stores. To see bookings for the other stores click here.

Please understand these are what we have ordered, but what we actually get can change based on availability at the hatchery. Also, inventory in the stores can change often and rapidly. Please visit us at your local D&L to see what is currently available.

Feb 23rd

Barred Rocks
Buff Orpington

March 9th
Black Australorp
Production Red
Silver Laced Wyandottes
White Leghorns

March 23rd
Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red
Golden Laced Wyandottes

April 6th
Buff Orpington
Brown Leghorns
Cuckoo Maran
Light Brahma

April 20th
Speckled Sussex
Black Australorp
Production Reds

all are pullets

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