Koop Clean™ Chicken Bedding

Superior Hay/ Straw Blend Chicken Bedding for a Fresh, Happy Flock

KOOP CLEAN chicken coop bedding is not your everyday chicken bedding. Specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, KOOP CLEAN offers a unique blend of chopped hays and straw, combined with the superior odor neutralizing ingredient Sweet PDZ ™, leaving you with a happy flock and a fresh, dry coop all year round.

  • Specially formulated to address the biggest coop concerns: odor, moisture, insulation & waste
  • Contains Sweet PDZ to neutralize odor and absorb moisture
  • Contains clean, chopped straw for added insulation in the coop
  • Koop Clean is nutrient rich and easily compostable making it garden-friendly right when you’re done with it in the coop
  • Available in a convenient, easy-to-store 2.4 cu. ft. bag
Koop Clean Product Image