Purina Omega Match Ration Balancing Horse Feed


Purina® Omega Match™ Ration Balancing Horse Feed is specially formulated by Ph.D. equine nutritionists with ingredients and benefits inspired by feeding fresh pasture, but without the drawbacks of too many calories or soluble carbohydrates. Our limited-ingredient formula addresses common sensitivities while meeting your horse’s nutrient requirements and providing the fatty acids and antioxidants naturally found in green grass. Purina® Omega Match™ Ration Balancer provides a way to fill in nutritional gaps, whether your horse has a busy competition schedule with limited turnout or cannot graze green grass due to metabolic concerns. It’s a great way of ensuring your horses get the nutrition they need, no matter their forage source.

  • Hi levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acid: a horse that eats 2 lbs of Omega Match gets the same level of Omega-3 Fatty Acids as they would get from grazing on pasture for 4 hours
  • Fully fortified & balanced with high quality amino acids, vitamins & minerals
  • Natural source Vitamin-E & a therapeutic level of Biotin
  • No alfalfa, corn, soy, wheat or molasses; controlled starch & sugar levels
  • Contains Outlast to support gastric health

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Purina Omega Match Ahiflower Oil Supplement


A truly unrivaled omega source. Ahiflower® oil contains more omegas than other plant based oils commonly fed to horses. The unique fatty acid profile delivers benefits associated with fish oil, evening primrose oil, olive oil and flax seed oil.

  • More omegas than flax
  • Plant based (not from fish), highly palatable for horses
  • Supports optimal skin & joint health
  • Comprehensive omega fatty acid supplement to support joint, cardiovascular, skin, respiratory and reproductive health.  It also supports muscles, immune function & normal glucose metabolism.

more info at PurinaMills.com

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