D&L is now offering Bee & Butterfly Mix; Wildflower Mix; Native Lawn Mix; Horse Pasture Mix; Tank Dam and Erosion Control Mix; and Native Prairie Grass Mix Seeds.  These seed mixes have been specifically designed to thrive in North Texas for their specific purpose.


Bee & Butterfly Mix

This annual and perennial flower mix will provide nectar and pollen to wild bees, honey bees, butterflies and other pollinators. It contains early, mid and late blooming flowers in order to keep colorful blooms and food produced all season long. Perfect for garden beds, borders and other maintained areas.

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Wildflower Mix

This mixture contains both annual and perennial flowers adapted to the South, specifically Texas and Oklahoma. They are selected for their long-season color and hardy growth through our highly variable weather here. Works well both in beds and in pastures and prairies. Utilized by many pollinators and wildlife for food.

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Native Lawn Mixnative-lawn-seed-mix

Using some of the shortest native grasses, your lawn can have the beauty, texture and toughness of a shortgrass prairie. Want a home where the buffalo roam? The Native Lawn grass mix is the closest thing to it!

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Horse Pasture Mix

Finally, a grass mix that can be safely recommended for warm season horse pasture. Plant on firm seed bed and defer grazing until the root structure can keep the whole plant from being uprooted when grazed. Responds very well to good soil fertility.

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tank-dam-seed-mixTank Dam and Erosion Control Mix

  • Newly constructed tank dams need very quick coverage to keep the soil from washing away, as well as permanent grass to keep it together in the long run. This mix has quick growing annuals for putting down roots fast, plus permanent native and improved pasture grasses for long term erosion control. These grasses are excellent forages for livestock.
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Naive Prairie Grass Mix

These grasses are native to Texas and Oklahoma for a reason: they work here. They are what grew wild across the area long before cultivated farms and ranch lands. Able to tolerate the harsh weather conditions, they supported the native wildlife as well as the livestock of early ranchers. So plant what worked then and still works now!

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