Purina Liquid Cattle Feed is Now Available at D&L

We’re excited to announce we are now offering liquid cattle feed from Purina Animal Nutrition.  Supplementing your forage with liquid cattle feed is one of the most efficient ways to feed cattle.  Purina’s molasses-based liquid feed is highly-fortified with added fat and intake modifiers.  Cattle are able to snack feed throughout the day which leads to better utilization and more uniform supplementation across your herd.  Supplementing with liquid provides the cattle with the nutrition that may be lacking in the forage available and is a great way for them to utilize forage, even poorer quality forage.  When their body needs more, they will eat a little more of the liquid, and if they don’t need as much, they won’t eat as much.  When offered year-round the average intake is typically 1-2lbs per head, per day.  Each liquid tank holds 300 gallons which is equal to 3,240 lbs.  Feeding liquid is also super convenient way to feed and frees up a lot of time and resources as it eliminates the need to feed daily.

For more information reach out to your local D&L or send us an email and we’ll be in touch!

liquid cattle feed trailer and tanks
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