Diet balancers for horses are one of our favorite nutritional tools at D&L Farm and Home.

What is a diet balancer?  A diet balancer for horses is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to give the horse the nutrients they need that are lacking in an all grass or hay diet.  You can think of it kind of like taking your daily multi-vitamin to make sure you’re getting everything your body needs in case you’re not getting it from your food.  What equine diet balancers have, though, that our daily multi-vitamin typically doesn’t is amino acids – the building blocks of protein, & therefore muscle.  Diet balancers do all of this without adding a lot of calories to the diet because they are fed at relatively small feeding rates.  Because of this they are an especially good option for easy keepers that don’t need a lot more than grass or hay to stay in good body condition.

Adding a diet balancer to a grass or hay-only diet is a cost effective way to ensure your horse has all the nutrients they need for hair quality, hoof quality, muscle building and immune health.  Diet balancers can also be used when you’re feeding grass/hay with straight grains, like oats, to make sure your horse’s nutrient requirements are met.  And, lastly, diet balancers can be a great way to boost the nutrient density of a feeding program that uses a more economical/lower quality feed or you’re not feeding the minimum recommended amount of a feed.  Below is a roundup of the equine diet balancers available at D&L Farm and Home stores in North Texas.  If you need help choosing the right one let us know, we’d be happy to help!