Managing Summer Stress

The heat of the summer can be super stressful for many, including your lawn. Using MicroLife Humates Plus is a great way to open the soil, add nutrients and allow the root system to grow bigger & deeper. By doing this you’ll increase the water holding capacity of your soil and oxygen flow to the plant is increased. When you do water you’ll want to water longer (deeper) and less often. This will help encourage the roots to grow deeper.

Humates Plus is easy to spread with a broadcast spreader at 5-10 lbs per 1,000 square feet. It will not burn and is safe to use around your pets & kids. It can also be used in your flower beds.

Bear Branch Soccer Fields Before Humates

Bear Branch Soccer Fields After Humates

MicroLife Liquids – Super Seaweed, Ocean Harvest and Maximum Blooms – are a great way to give your lawn and plants a boost of nutrients to help manage the stress of this heat.  These products are fast-acting and readily absorbed by the plant.  Adding easy-to-absorb nutrients during the extreme heat will help your plants make it through the season and less susceptible to pests and disease.

Insect Control

Bagworms: they’re out in full force this year! It’s much easier to control these in the beginning of the season with Natural Guard Spinosad. When the bags are over 1.5 inches long they’re harder to control. You can use Hi-Yield 38 Plus and make two applications, 10-14 days apart. Make sure you add some surfactant like Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker (so the product sticks to the bags).
Armyworms: The name ‘armyworm’ originates from agriculture, where infestations sometimes resemble an army as they move across large agriculture fields. The same behavior can sometimes occur in turf. Damage by fall armyworm caterpillars (larvae) initially appears at the tips of the grass blades where they appear transparent due to the plant cells being eaten. If left uncontrolled, caterpillars may continue feeding, stripping tissue from turfgrass leaves and leaving brown areas adjacent to green turf. We have several products available to help control armyworms including 38 Plus, Cyonara, Malathion, and Sevin (liquid).