COVID-19 Information

May 1, 2020 Update Thank you all for your patience over the last several weeks as we served you curbside.  Beginning today (May 1), we will allow you to come in the store to be served.  You’re welcome to come in and shop while maintaining a safe social distance from others.  We’ve added some Rosie […]


2021 Chick Bookings

*all orders are subject to change, all are pullets unless noted as straight run (SR) We provide the lists below to give you an idea what chicks might be expected this season. Please note, however, that availability changes often. For the most accurate information, or to special order something particular, contact your local D&L directly. […]


D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 10

It’s Time To Winterize Giving your lawn one last feeding before winter really helps to make sure it has the nutrients it needs to get through the winter.  This will help it bounce back quicker, and healthier, in the spring.  Ferti-Lome’s Winterizer & Weed Preventer includes a fertilizer and pre-emergent.  In addition to giving your […]


D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 9

It’s Time For Ryegrass Ryegrass sprouts quickly and thrives in the cooler weather giving us North Texans the opportunity for a green lawn all winter long.  It also provides an excellent source of forage for grazing animal and can drastically reduce your need for hay through the winter.   Other benefits of Ryegrass include serving as […]


D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 8

Your lawn will appreciate a fall feeding Applying a good application of fertilizer in the fall will help give your lawns the nutrients it needs to get through the winter.   This fall application will help increase the density of your lawn.  In addition, it helps your lawn resist winter weeds and improves recovery in […]


D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 7

Stop Winter Weeds Now with Pre-Emergent Timing is everything – especially when it comes to pre-emergent.  These products work by addressing the weeds in the ground before they even have a chance to germinate. This is why it’s so important to apply them at the right time.  If the plants have already germinated the pre-emergent […]


July News

July is Hydration Awareness Month Keeping Your Pets Hydrated Keeping your pets hydrated is just as important as keeping your self hydrated. Like us, dog & cat bodies are made of mostly water and staying hydrated is crucial to their health. In general dogs should consume 1 oz of water for every pound of body […]