D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 10

It’s Time To Winterize

Giving your lawn one last feeding before winter really helps to make sure it has the nutrients it needs to get through the winter.  This will help it bounce back quicker, and healthier, in the spring. 

Ferti-Lome’s Winterizer & Weed Preventer includes a fertilizer and pre-emergent.  In addition to giving your lawn nutrients it gives you another shot at controlling spring weeds before they start.      

Spread 4 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. using a broadcast spreader. You can water it in or apply just before it rains. 

D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 9

It’s Time For Ryegrass

Ryegrass sprouts quickly and thrives in the cooler weather giving us North Texans the opportunity for a green lawn all winter long.  It also provides an excellent source of forage for grazing animal and can drastically reduce your need for hay through the winter.   Other benefits of Ryegrass include serving as a cool-season ground cover to help minimize erosion, good resistance to most diseases, and the roots break through compacted soil leading to improved soil structure.  

For lawns we recommend spreading 10-20 lbs per 1,000 square feet and for pastures we recommend 20-25 lbs per acre.  With proper watering the seed should germinate in 7-10 days.   

Want to learn more about Ryegrass?  Click Here

D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 7

Stop Winter Weeds Now with Pre-Emergent

Timing is everything – especially when it comes to pre-emergent.  These products work by addressing the weeds in the ground before they even have a chance to germinate. This is why it’s so important to apply them at the right time.  If the plants have already germinated the pre-emergent will not work.  Your 3rd pre-emergent application should be made at the end of August/first of September.  If you get too late into September you’ve missed the window of effectiveness.  

Hi-Yield’s Turf & Ornament Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension will control cool-season grassy weeds – most notably poa annua.  Fertilome’s Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery will prevent clover, dandelion, henbit & other broadleafed cool-season weeds.   

Both products should be spread with a broadcast spreader and watered in.  You can apply both products the same day, but you’ll want to do them sequentially, not mixed together.   

hiyield weed & grass stopper with dimension
HiYield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension
fertilome broadleaf weed control with gallery
Ferti-Lome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery

2020 Spring Events

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*CANCELED* Pond Boss Connect with Bob Lusk

  • Thursday, March 19
  • 6:30 pm
  • at D&L Farm and Home – Aubrey
  • Dinner (free)
  • Door Prizes

Do you want to grow big fish? Build the pond of your dreams? Get control of aquatic plants? This is for you!

Nursery Spring Kick Off

  • Saturday, March 21
  • at D&L Farm and Home – Aubrey
  • Door Prizes

*CANCELED* Cooke County Cattle Meeting

  • Tuesday, March 24
  • 6:30 pm
  • at D&L Farm and Home – Gainesville
  • Dinner (free)
  • Door Prizes

Consistency is key – making money with mineral and consistent intake with Gina Bagby from Purina Animal Nutrition

*CANCELED* Collin County Cattle Meeting

  • Tuesday, March 31
  • 6:30 pm
  • at Myers Park & Event Center, McKinney
  • Dinner (free)
  • Door Prizes

Making Money with Mineral – Dr. Doug Hawkins, Purina Animal Nutrition

Herd Health: De-worming and vaccine protocols for today’s cattle – Eric Yates, Merck Animal Health

2020 Chick Bookings!

*all orders are subject to change, all are pullets unless noted as straight run (SR)

We provide the lists below to give you an idea what chicks might be expected this season. Please note, however, that availability changes often. For the most accurate information, or to special order something particular, contact your local D&L directly.


Week of Feb. 7

Golden Comets
Golden Comets
Sapphire Gems
Speckled Sussex

Week of Feb. 24

Mixed Ducks (SR)
Rhode Island Reds
Barred Rocks
Black Australorps
Calico Princess

Week of Mar. 9

Assorted Runner Ducks (SR)
Turkens (SR)
Lavender Orpingtons
Dark Brahmas
Prairie Bluebell Eggers

Week of Mar. 23

Silver Appleyard Ducks (SR)
Blue Swedish Ducks (SR)

Week of April 6

Mixed Ducks (SR)


Week of Feb. 5

Lavender Orpingtons
Rhode Island Blues
Blue Rocks
Olive Eggers
Brown Leghorns


Feb. 5

Cornish Rocks (SR)
Easter Eggers
Naked Necks
Red Broilers (SR)
Speckled Sussex
Assorted Brahmas
Assorted Dark Brown Layers Gold Wyandottes
Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumis
White Faced Black Spanish
Cream Brabanters

Feb. 19

Buff Orpingtons
Easter Eggers
Olive Eggers
White Faced Black Spanish
Assorted Bantam Silkies (SR)

April 1

Buff Orpingtons
Easter Eggers
Olive Eggers
Black Giants
White Rocks
Assorted Ducks (SR)
Assorted Geese (SR)

April 8

Blue Slate Turkeys (SR)
Bourbon Red Turkeys (SR)
Narragansett Turkeys (SR)
Standard Bronze Turkeys (SR)


Thursday Jan 23rd

25 Ideal 236
25 Rhode Island Reds
25 Barred Rocks
25 Easter Eggers
25 Assorted Brahmas

Thursday Feb 13th

25 Red Sex Link
25 Silver Laced Wyandotte
25 Crested Special (SR)
25 Silkies (SR)
25 Cuckoo Marans

25 Black Sex Link
25 New Hampshire Reds
25 Barred Rocks
25 Easter Eggers
25 White Giants

Thursday Feb 27th

Tuesday March 10

25 Red Sex Link
25 Black Australorp
25 Easter Eggers
25 Silkies
25 Assorted Brahmas

Tuesday March 17

25 Ideal 236
25 Buff Orpington
25 Easter Eggers
25 Silkies

Thursday March 26th

12 Assorted Ducks
12 Assorted Geese

Thursday April 9

25 Ideal 236
25 Rhode Island Reds
25 Barred Rocks
25 Easter Eggers
25 Delawares

Thursday April 23rd

25 Red Sex Link
25 Silverlaced Wyandotte
25 Crested Special
25 Assorted Brahmas

Thursday June 4th (subject to change)

40 Guineas (SR)


Feb. 12

Easter Eggers
Buff Orpingtons
Silver Laced Wyandottes

Mar. 11

Easter Eggers
Cuckoo Marans
Golden Laced Wyandottes
Black Sumatras

D&L Luscious Lawns – Step 1

Now Is The Time To Apply Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control works by preventing weed seeds from germinating.  For the most effective year-round control it is best to apply it 3-times a year (spring, early summer & fall).  Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper is our go-to.

  • 1 35 lb bag covers 8,000+ sq. ft.
    • Apply 4 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. using a broadcast spreader
      • Setting 16 on Earthway spreaders
      • Water in for best results
  • Safe to use near trees, flower beds & shrubs
  • Controls weeds for 3+ months

Looking to stay organic?  Microlife Humates Plus is for you!

Microlife Humates Plus 0-0-4 is loaded with minerals, microorganisms and carbon.  An early application will set the stage for year-round success in your yard.

  • Apply 5-10 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. using a broadcast spreader
    • Water in for best results
  • Loosens clay soils and helps reduce the amount of watering needed
  • Adds tons of essential microbes to build healthy soil

more info

Back To School Savings – September

Relieving Gastric Discomfort in Horses

Just as back to school season can be stressful for parents and kids alike, changing seasons and many environmental factors can be very stressful to horses.  And, when horses are stressed they’re significantly more likely to develop gastric discomfort which can lead to ulcers. Some of these stressors include hard work, trailering, stall rest, inadequate forage quality and quantity, and more.  The horse’s stomach is designed to be acidic and it can withstand those pH levels. But during times of stress the pH can drop and lead to gastric discomfort. You may notice a reduced appetite or picky eating, weight loss, chronic diarrhea, behavior changes or poor performance.  Luckily for your horse’s belly (and you) Purina Animal Nutrition has developed Outlast – which is designed, and research proven, to reduce the acidity of the horse’s stomach. When fed a serving of Outlast it will buffer the contents of the stomach quickly and it will last for several hours. This buffering action helps treat gastric discomfort and can help prevent ulcers from forming.  Outlast can be fed as a top dress to any feeding program and can also be fed alone just before stressful situations (think: showing, trailering, hard work). There are also several feeds from Purina that have Outlast included in their formula.

Relieving Gastric Discomfort in Horses

Stop Weeds Before They Start

Using pre-emergent weed control products is an effective way to stop weeds before they start.  When applied at the right time these products will keep the weed seeds from germinating. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.  One, different weeds have different growing seasons. There are some weeds that thrive in the cooler winter temperatures and then die before the heat loving weeds come up for summer.  Two, weeds can be classified as either grassy or broad-leaf. Different products are made for each type. September is the ideal time to apply pre-emergent control to keep the cool season weeds at bay.  Dimension (Hi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension) is the product most widely used and will control grassy weeds. Fertilome Weed Preventer with Gallery will help control the broad-leaf weeds. Both products can be applied easily with a broadcast spreader and watered in.  You’ll want to re-apply in late spring to help control the warm season weeds.

Summer Survival Strategy – August

Hot spots are moist, painful, red, irritated, and—you guessed it—hot lesions that can develop on a dog’s skin, usually on the chest, hip, or head. They can grow rather quickly, especially if your dog ends up chewing, scratching, or licking them, causing further irritation.


A hot spot could be caused by anything that ends up irritating your pet’s skin, forcing them to lick or scratch themselves. Some of the common causes include insects and mites, fleas, underlying skin infections, allergies, and poor grooming. If your dog is bored or stressed and constantly chewing or licking their skin, a hot spot could develop in that case as well. Hot spots are also more common during humid, warm weather, so you might notice your dog dealing with this irritation during the summer, which is also when insects and fleas are prevalent.  Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray is non-irritating and cleans, soothes and relieves itchy, irritated skin. It’s fast acting and provides quick relief for your pet to help speed the healing process.

As stewards of the land we have the ability to implement management practices to help increase the water holding capacity of the soil.  This leads to healthier soil (and therefore plants) and reduces the amount of added water needed for plants to thrive. This is important on an ongoing basis, but especially in times of drought.  Adding compost to your soil incorporates nutrient rich, broken down organic material into the soil to improve drainage while maintaining the water holding capacity of the soil. There are a variety of types of compost available on the market if you don’t want to make your own (more info: https://wateruniversity.tamu.edu/soil/composting/). One of the best commercially available is MicroLife Humates Plus, it’s like concentrated compost in a bag.  It quickly opens the soil and the nutrients (over 70 vitamins and minerals) drop into the root zone so bigger root systems can be built.  Water infiltration and oxygen flow to the plants is also increased.
In August-September hummingbirds will be moving back South for the winter.  They tend to feed in the morning and afternoon, travelling during the day. During migration a hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1,260 times a minute and flaps its wings up to 80 times a second, wow!  They tend to fly low so they can easily see nectar sources and stop when needed, to refuel. Nectar found in nature is typically in the range of 12-25% sugar. Keep this in mind when mixing nectar for your feeders, or pick up some Moore Wild Birds Nectar which is formulated with 3 plant sugars and designed to mimic nectar found in nature. There’s no need to dye your nectar red, but have you ever wondered why people do?  Or, why many hummingbird feeders are red?  It’s not necessarily that hummingbirds are more attracted to red, but they have evolved over time to know that red flowers typically have more nectar in them because bees, wasps and butterflies are better at locating pale-colored flowers than red flowers.

If your feeders are prone to bees and ants you can try a non-gravity fed feeder like the MWB So Real feeder (pictured here). The nectar is not forced to the hole by gravity so bees and ants can’t get to it – but a hummingbird can easily reach the nectar even if it’s not totally full.

In ideal conditions chickens will lay an egg once every 24-26 hours after they’ve reached egg-laying age (approximately 18-20 weeks).  Sometimes, though, chickens might take a little break from laying. One of the more common reasons they may take a break is environmental stress, including the heat of our Texas summers.  If you’re flock’s egg production has noticeably slowed this might be part of the reason. After confirming that the eggs aren’t hidden or disappearing you can try a few things to make their coop a little more comfortable during the heat of summer.  Most importantly it is essential to provide plenty of cool, fresh water and make sure your coop is well ventilated. Chickens can drink twice as much water as normal during hot conditions. Make sure you have enough waterers so each chicken has access and put them in the shade to help keep them cooler.  You can also put ice cubes in the waterers and offer cold frozen fruits & vegetables (limit to 10% of their diet).


In addition, it’s important to make sure your chickens are meeting their nutritional requirements.  Sometimes this can be difficult if they’re free ranging a lot, or not eating a full portion of a complete diet.  Purina Animal Nutrition’s new Farm To Flock Hen Treats are a great option to supplement their diet. In contrast to treating your chickens with scratch or mealworms, Purina’s treats are fully fortified with essential vitamins and amino acids to provide a healthy, balanced treat.  They are available in two protein levels – Wholesome Hen Treats for daily maintenance and High Protein Hen Treats for birds that need a little nutritional boost.

August Specials

TruFuel Now Available at all D&L Locations

We are now stocking TruFuel products at all of our stores.  TruFuel is precision-engineered premixed fuel with synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers that are specially made for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. Their high-octane ethanol-free fuel protects your investment, saves you time, and helps equipment run the way you need it to.

Products available:

  • 40:1 qt, gal
  • 50:1 qt, gal
  • 4-Cycle Fuel: gal