We’re giving away 10 tons of Purina Impact Horse Feed!

40 winners will be drawn, each winning 10 bags of Purina Impact Horse Feed (approximate value of $200)

The Details:

For all of March, 2022 all Purina Impact Horse Feeds are $1 off at D&L Farm and Home.  Each customer can earn up to 5 entries for a piece of the 10 Ton Giveaway*:

40 winners will be drawn on 4/15/2022!

*limit 1 entry/customer(farm)/tasks, winners must be 18+ years old, reside in D&L’s North Texas service area

More about Impact Horse Feed:

Purina’s Impact Horse Feeds are formulated to deliver premium nutrition with high-quality ingredients.  They are backed by Purina’s industry-leading research so you can be confident you’re doing right by your horse when you feed one of the Impact products.  There are a variety of products within the line to meet the needs of all classes of horses.  If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, reach out to us at D&L Farm and Home.

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Registered name JR Dun It. Flash was the kindest, sweetest horse. During my teenage years he always reminded me that riding was fun! At times I rode some horses that weren't always so good and Flash was always a good reminder they weren't all that way! -Jasmine H