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D&L Farm and Home is proud to offer the pet supply brands you know and trust, with the service you deserve. We have a great selection of super premium, premium and economy dog and cat foods in a variety of sizes. We consistently stock a wide variety of brands and are happy to deliver them with your regular feed order.  Most of the brands offer several different formulas designed to meet each pet's individual nutritional needs. If there is something you would like that is not on list, please do not hesitate to let us know and we are happy to look into stocking it for you.

We carry a wide variety of core pet products from Purina, Nutro, Diamond, Muenster and more. But in addition to these standard products we are proud to have a wide variety of all-natural, holistic and special ingredient products for your 4-legged family members. For more information visit the All Natural Pet Food page.

In addition to pet food, each of our stores stocks a unique selection of supplies and accessories for your pets.  These include collars and leashes, toys and treats, nutritional supplements and grooming products, flea and tick products (including Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix), houses, beds and crates.  We also have products for your small animals and birds in addition to Mazuri products for your exotics.

In addition to our selection of Nationally Branded core pet foods, D&L is proud to offer our own line of dog foods:

D&L Complete Canine - Chicken meal based with no corn, no wheat or no soy. Locally made with locally sourced ingredients!

Fruits & Vegetables - Natural antioxidant & fiber source

Lecithin- Aids in fat metabolism

Chicory Root- To aid digestion

available in a 50 lb bag
more info

D&L Complete Canine

D&L Dog Food

D&L Dog Food - A quality, meat-based maintenance product at a great value!

1st ingredient is pork meat meal

Single, Consistent Protein Source - increases palatability and maintains consistency from bag to bag.

Good Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acid Levels - enhance immune system functions and improve the skin and coat

Currently just $22.99 for 50 lbs, $11.99 for 20 lbs*!

where to buy

*price is subject to change

**please note: Each D&L location carries a unique selection of products that varies from store to store. We can, however, transfer product between stores if your local store does not have what you need.


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